Aras Sivad Streamed Appearances

Open 4 Adventure - Sunday Friends

Join our friendly group of adventurers as they explore the world around them and stumble into a LOT of trouble.

Witch Girls - Season 2

Re-join our beloved gang of wily teen witches known as the Toadstools as they navigate a very unusual development in their world. 

City of the Gods - The Greyhawk Channel

Join a ragtag group of unlikely companions who have been transported back in time about 3,000 years in the Greyhawk setting using the Open Legend RPG sytem!

Attack on Toad Hall - Scratticus Academy Day

The Wildwood Gang is about to take over Toad Hall. See what our wily weasels are up to in this Honey Heist Hack!

Witch Girls Adventures (Full Season 1) - Little Red Dot

A coven of teen witches have stumbled upon quite a bit of trouble. Don't miss the hilarity, teen drama, and solid friendships of the Toadstools as they try to rescue their lost sister.

Witch Girls (Mini Pre-Season) - Little Red Dot

Witch Girls isn't *just* the name of the series, but also the name of the game aired on in November and December 2018. Get a glimpse into playing this fantastic game and follow our favorite teenage witches into some very sticky situations.

Encounter RolePlay - Learn by Play DND: Ravnica

A series started in early 2019 to introduce Magic: the Gathering fans to D&D with the Ravnica setting, join us for a full season of shenanigans and an introduction to the mechanics of Dungeons and Dragons!

Open Academy Day: The Camping Trip

Join a fabulous movie star and her crew for a camping trip they won't soon forget using Cypher System!

Guest: Argo 37 - Episode 8

Argo 37 is a series using Dark Matter, an expansion for 5E D&D with a space setting.

Castle Mac - The Painted Pouch One-Shot

Aired live in December 2018 on, this one-shot adventure is definitely a rollercoaster of emotions - and a very important pouch!

Valley of Soot and Skull - The Greyhawk Channel

Aired in July 2018 on, Valley of Soot and Skull is an Actual Play Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition game set in a homebrew area. Join our heroes as they navigate the treacherous and tricky Valley.

Scattered Ashes - Scratticus Academy

Scattered Ashes is a 7th Sea Actual Play game which aired on in the Fall of 2018 featuring a fantastic cast, an interesting and dynamic story, and tons of laughs.

Clockwork Vines: a Call of Cthulhu Campaign

Join our flora-punk adventure with Keeper Honey as we solve mysteries in Victorian "England" with a twist of Honey!

Open for Adventure: Honey Heist One Shot

Come along on an un-bear-ably hilarious journey in Sennmarria with some wonderful friends!

Void: A Coriolis Campaign

Our story begins in the Third Horizon where our fearless adventurers are conscripted to a rescue mission. Join us as we blast off in the space between the stars.

Echoes in the Ether

A thrilling, horror-filled D&D 5E campaign set in Planescape, this adventure is a rollercoaster of emotion and surprising twists.

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