Safety Tools by Kienna and Lauren

Creating a Safe Space

Collaborative storytelling is probably one of the most-liked parts of TTRPGs. Each table and each group of players have different ideas for how they would like a story to go and what should be included. Often, the subjects can be dark or controversial. Should we shy away from these topics? No way!! Role playing is a great way for us to help work out our feelings, viewpoints, and possible emotions evoked by these subjects. HOWEVER, ensuring that all people at the table feel comfortable in the space is TOP PRIORITY!


This lovely toolkit by the AMAZING duo of Kienna and Lauren is a GREAT starting point to understanding safety tools and how to use them effectively at your table. As someone who has personally played at Kienna’s “table” and used these rules in her (and other) games, I can attest that they do put everyone more at ease even just knowing the tools are there if needed.


If you like this safety tool, please consider leaving Kienna and Lauren a tip as they produces this and many other resources for all of us to use for free. You can buy Kienna a Ko-Fi HERE and Lauren HERE.

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