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Pricing shown on each item is a base price for an individual item using stock fabrics. Selecting bulk quantities and/or fabrics not currently in stock will change the price.

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Utility Roll - Crafting Muse - Open
d tray r-w dice.jpeg
Travel Case - Purple Geode

Utility Rolls

Stay Organized

  • Customizable pocket width means a snug fit for your utensils

  • Fold-over top helps to keep items inside

  • Faux Leather cording keeps the pouch rolled up for travel

  • Standard Price $25

Portable and Sturdy Trays

Great for rolling dice or use as a valet tray

  • 5” square rolling surface and 3" tall sides.

  • Snaps at corners for easy, quick, and secure setup.

  • Lays almost flat or folds to 3”×10”×1” for travel.

  • Fabric bottom makes for easy folding

  • Corrugated plastic inserts in sides provide a sturdy (yet soft) stopper for dice - perfect for both precious gemstone and heavy metal dice!

  • Deluxe version comes with a separate bottom insert to provide additional protection for precious dice and rolling surfaces.

  • Regular Dice Tray $30

  • Deluxe Dice Tray $35

Travel and Hanging Cases

Always ready to go!

  • Specially sized to fit a Regular Tray (folded), writing utensils, and 4-5 sets of dice

  • Full kit fits easily in a bag or can be carried by the convenient handle!

  • Zipper closure makes for a secure close every time.

  • Travel Case includes a matching loop strap

  • Hanging Case includes a lobster clip at the top

  • Standard Price $25

D4 Bags Multi W Dice.jpeg
lg bag mottled purple dragon.jpeg

D4 Bags

They're bigger on the inside

  • Features a zipper opening and a handy loop for travel

  • Soft sides roll, squish, and fold for travel, but can re-form their original shape easily

  • +4 (inch) - hold about 5 sets of dice ($17)

  • +5 (inch) - hold about 9 sets of dice ($20)

  • +7 (inch) - holds 150+ dice ($25)

Keychain Bags

Always ready to roll out

  • Custom handmade squeeze opening springs closed automatically

  • Holds a full 11-piece dice set

  • Also great for writing, tampons, tube makeup, string cheese, etc.

  • Handy lobster claw clips securely to clothing and bag loops.

  • Standard Keychain Bag $20

Mini and Large Bags

Bags for the smallest and largest collections

  • Drawstring opening closes tightly

  • Paracord stands up to rigorous use

  • Cord clip keeps it closed

  • Mini bag size is about 5”×6”

    • Holds about 5 sets of dice

    • Standard Price $20

  • Large bag measures 10”×10”

    • Holds 450+ dice

    • Standard Price $25

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