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Community is Everything

Community is what truly makes Role Playing Games special. I am extremely proud to be a part of the TTRPG community and proudly partner with the following Creators. Check them out by clicking on their logos and show them some love!

Dice Envy

Beautiful dice worthy of a dragon's hoard. Use this link when you shop and show me some love with your purchase.

88 Riddles

88 Riddles is an extremely talented designer making nerdtastic designs on apparel and accessories of all kinds!

Open for Adventure

Open for Adventure is a TTRPG streaming channel on Twitch; we're a strong community that is known for our welcoming nature and love of a good story. Our streams are narrative-based and diverse - come check us out!

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Little Red Dot

Little Red Dot is a Table Top Gamer and content creator. Her Twitch channel is dedicated to Indie RPGs and collaborative storytelling. She believes that we all have a story to tell.

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ParaDice Podcast

What would happen if we all disappeared one day and magic arose to create a whole new world? Join us as we travel through famous landmarks and discover how magic and fantastical creatures affect the world we used to live in. Currently playing: DnD5e Campaign: Modern Ancients

The Crafting Muse

Vee is a mini painter and terrain builder specializing in using materials found in common places to make detailed pieces which look like they've been taken straight from real life! She shows how she makes these amazing pieces live and through tutorial videos!

In addition, she is a DM for Kobold Press on their official Twitch channel!

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Join the Community

There are plenty of ways to get involved! Consider joining my Discord or Patreon for lots of updates and to connect with other RPG, art, and crafting fans!

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