Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you ship Internationally?

Yes I do! While does not allow for International addresses to be entered, I can arrange  orders to ship to International addresses through PayPal, where I am doing invoicing for all custom orders. If you like something in my shop which is showing as pre-made, send me a quick message to claim the item and I will forward you a PayPal invoice to collect payment and shipping information. Your pre-made item will be shipped within 2 business days from payment being received.

How do custom orders work?

Step 1: Purchase your custom item(s) by using the listing here.


Step 2: When you are close to the front of the line (2 weeks out from production or less), I will contact you using the email you provided when purchasing the Custom Item, unless specific fabrics are listed and in hand. If you are looking for something more custom or something I don't have on hand, this would be the time to locate the desired fabrics and get them ordered.


Step 3: Once fabrics are finalized, any fabrics needed will be ordered and an estimate of production time will be given. Average wait time is 2 weeks from order to my receipt of fabric order.


Step 4: I will begin production of your custom items. Most orders can be completed within 5 business days from payment, but this depends entirely on the items being ordered and fabrics required.

Step 5: Once production is complete, you will receive a tracking number for your order and your beautiful accessories will be on their way to you!

CUSTOM FABRICS?? You can do custom fabrics?

Yes I can! If you are an artist or have some artwork you would like made into a bag (or tray, etc) AND you have permission to use this artwork, I can use the design to print custom fabric for your order. This process is more expensive than picking stock fabrics, but it is a great way to ensure you are getting a true one-of-a-kind product. It must be said that due to the process of getting custom fabric printed, this will alter the price of items greatly depending on the products desired. (More/larger products in this material = less of a price difference from stock fabrics)
**BIG NOTE HERE: I cannot print any fabric without permission FROM THE ARTIST to do so. This is not only a violation of multiple laws but against my personal ethics. I reserve the right to decline any custom fabric order at any time for any reason without explanation. Also since we're on the subject, PAY YOUR ARTISTS A FAIR WAGE.

What about fabrics that aren't custom, but aren't in your shop?

If you have a particular fabric in mind, send me a link to it! Chances are I will be able to order it and might even be able to stock it for future use as well. If you have a concept (Example: general mustache pattern) but it's not in stock at the time, I can also attempt to source an acceptable fabric that is already made.

I have some fabric already...

If you have a beloved fabric already in hand (or maybe an old garment you loved but don't wear anymore) I can make it into a keepsake bag or tray for you! Send me an email and we can definitely work it out!

Can you do different items or custom sizes?

I can totally do custom sizes! Depending on the size difference and possible complications in design due to sizing, the price may vary. Different items will depend entirely on the item desired. I cannot use product designs which are not my own in my items as it is a violation of law and personal ethics.

Can I wash this?

YOU CAN! All of my products are hand washable in cold water. Please note that due to the fabric variations, there may be some color bleed when washed. Hang dry trays by one corner to ensure water is able to drain from the grooves in the corrugated plastic in the sides. Bags may be placed in a garment bag and dried on a gentle, low heat cycle. Please note that exposure high temperatures may warp or damage hardware in all items.

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