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Welcome to Aras Custom Designs! Here you will find all sorts of nerdy goodness including some fantastic TTRPG accessories, handy bags for all uses, and some fantastic site features like Table Safety Tools and Bardic Inspiration.

Pictures are worth a thousand words - but how about a video?


A longtime sewing hobbyist and creative problem-solver, I made my first dice bag in 2017 around the same time my dice collection started expanding and I found myself wanting a place for my "misbehaving dice". I couldn't find a suitable container, so I made my own out of some scrap fabric I had.
Soon, my dice rolling off of the table at game time became too much to handle, and the sound of metal dice hitting the wooden table became headache-inducing, so I began working on a solution. After many different tries with various materials and techniques, I was able to settle on a tray combination which is sturdy enough on the sides and bottom to withstand metal dice rolls and would fold up to a manageable size or lay flat for travel. 
When friends and acquaintances found out about my trays and bags, it was suggested that I should offer my creations to others. So here we are - I have made it a mission to spread the joy of gaming as I continue to develop useful products for everyone.

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